Calls for Inmates to Have Option of Working

Dr Paul Wood speaks to Newstalk ZB’s Rachel Smalley about The National Party’s plan to make New Zealand’s prisons working prisons, and wy work should be a choice for inmates. “The reason a lot of people work is not necessarily because they’ve found their calling or their passion, but because the rewards of working in […]

Overhaul of Prison System Called For

Dr Paul Wood speaks out in support of the prison reform organisation JustSpeak, which will release its report on the state of the New Zealand justice system this week. “If you take away the ability to make decisions, then you’re not actually giving people the opportunity to take accountability for their actions,” said Dr Wood. […]

The Extraordinary Story of Redemption

The Daily Mail Online highlight’s Dr Paul Wood’s story from incarceration to inspiration, and how he has encourage many to change their lives and break out of their own mental prisons. In the article Paul also shares his view on the prison system, saying “I’d like to see a prison that tries to help people figure […]