Better Never Stops - Paul Wood

My services are for people who believe in the pursuit of excellence. I focus on those who are prepared to get out of their comfort zone to grow. I promise that by engaging my services you will be able to mobilize yourself and others to tackle tough challenges and flourish.

Credibility and Competence - Paul Wood

When it comes to being better than you are I know what I am talking about from personal experience – you get more than just the theory. Yet this credibility is powerfully combined with the highest level of professional competence when it comes to building the self-awareness and personal accountability required to reach and maintain peak performance as you grow in capacity.


Authentic, insightful, engaging, and humorous. People will laugh, people will cry, and everyone will leave feeling both challenged and inspired to do more and be more.

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Active, engaging, challenging, and fun. My insight and accountability building workshops don’t just provide tools, they grow the participant’s capacity to deal with ambiguity, change, and complexity.

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The ultimate approach to behavior change and growth. A laser beam focus on what matters most and how to most achieve it. Individualized, personal, and exclusive.

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What past clients have to say

“We highly recommend Paul Wood. Paul exceeded expectations and left staff with a wonderful long-lasting sense of appreciation for themselves as they are, yet the motivation to do more and achieve more. A very real, entertaining and inspiring character. A+++”


“Paul has a very confronting yet interesting story to tell, and while not everyone will be able to identify with his specific journey, all should be able to use to it reflect and give perspective to one’s own life challenges. The strongest theme however was that no matter how much strife you get yourself into, there is a silver lining if you are prepared to make positive change and challenge yourself. A lesson here for everyone!”

PF Olsen

“Paul was a great way to finish our conference. He was energetic, interesting and made great references to what we had been talking about throughout the day.”

Fire and Emergency

“Really inspirational. The most credible and authentic speaker I have perhaps ever heard.”


“Paul was fantastic, friendly, funny and had an amazing story which he told from his heart. It was really motivating and he was the highlight of our conference. Thank you.”

Auckland Council

“Paul arrived early and was full of energy. The presentation was engaging, inspirational and informative; one of the best keynote speakers I have seen. I highly recommend Paul. 93% of delegates rated his presentation excellent or very good.”


“Paul was brilliant, he had clearly researched us and listened to our story and desired results from his talk and tied in what he said beautifully with our message. Paul was personable and stayed and chatted with our guest who all wanted to talk to him. His talked was totally engaging but also had some comic relief and an overall key message that came through loud and clear.”

Pathway Charitable Group

“We engaged with Paul after a friend shared the impact that he had had at a large corporate training day. We weren’t sure if Paul would want to work with the staff of a primary school, but Paul took up the challenge to work with an age and ethnically diverse group of educators eagerly! Our staff are used to professional development based around various educational foci, however Paul was able to quickly capture everyone’s attention and engage us all throughout our session. The clarity and concise nature that Paul was able to deliver complex and powerful messages to our staff was admirable, everyone in attendance from caretaker to teacher aide to new entrant teacher continues to share key messages that they took away from our time with Paul.
Thanks Paul, we are looking forward to hopefully work with you again soon!”

Chris Theobald – Principal

Make The Escape - Paul Wood Speaking

“When I was 18 my mother died and two days later, I chose to catch up with a drug dealer. That fateful meeting would conclude with him dead and me in prison for the first night of what would be the next ten years plus.”

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Dr. Paul Wood At TEDx Auckland

In October 2012, Dr. Paul Wood presented the Five Steps to Freedom to an audience of more than 2,000 people at TEDxAuckland. Watch the video

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