Please note…

As someone committed to running a business while dedicating a significant amount of time to charitable endeavors, I find myself unable to accommodate speaking engagements or other work that does not align with industry standards of compensation. Much like professionals in other fields such as law or accounting, I must prioritise sustainable practices to support both my business and the causes I believe in.

Regarding personal advice, while I’m genuinely interested in helping, regrettably, my schedule does not permit me to provide individual guidance to everyone who seeks it. Each request, no matter how brief, accumulates and exceeds the time I can realistically devote. As I strive to uphold the importance of work-life balance, I must ensure ample time for my own family. I hope for your understanding if you reach out for personal reasons and encounter delays in response.

For correspondence, I do not provide a physical mailing address. However, if you are communicating on behalf of a prisoner, I encourage you to scan and email their letter to me. Please advise them accordingly, and understand that while I endeavor to assist where possible, my capacity is limited. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

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